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Solarism is a drive, a movement, an initiative of KP Group to reach and involve every individual to reap benefit of solar energy for development.

You invest a small sum of money today as land owner in a parcel of land to be utilized for MW scale Solar Project. You generate a regular rental income every month till end of project life (25 years) and also remain ultimate beneficiary of real estate so developed!

That\'s what is \"Solarism\". You invest only a small fixed amount per plot and become a part of Solarism movement.

Any megawatt size solar park costs crores and contributing in such small sum, you can\'t expect to have any control on any aspects of the project. To make benefits visible and measurable for you and your investment hassle free, we are offering you plot of such solar project, each of ~150 square yards upon which solar which solar panels will be installed.

Any small solar project on such a small size of plot remains unviable. A megawatt project is grid connected, where power is not stored and directly fed into electricity grid line. There is large investment on electrical lines and substation to carry power generated from solar panel to grid. So, proposal is to sell you a plot only. Investment on the solar project will be made by our company and you do not have to worry at all about the cost of project, power generation or any risk associated with project.

Yes, your apprehension is absolutely right. We are therefore offering you around Rs 6390/- rent on your plot every month to make you free from such involvement or botheration of power generation.

Yes, our technical experts have selected the site based on the calculations and parameters necessary to make solar project viable. We have taken care of all the technical parameters of the project to the best of our capabilities and have also provided meticulous planning to ensure rent payments for entire project life.

Yes, so you are investing only on land which is a 100% clear and clean title plot, free from encumbrances with proper permissions including non-agriculture conversion from the State Government and your investment is completely safe and free from project performance.

You being owner of the plot will rent it out to the company. And we will sign a rent agreement with you with provisions for rents which is as below:

No, not at all! You are just a phone call away from being part of Solarism — a never before opportunity to gain immense wealth and investment security. You may please call on

1. 0261-276 4757                2. +91 97277 16165           3. Toll free : 1800 120 2100

Or you may visit us on our website www.solarism.kpgroup.co, www.kpgroup.co and our customer care executive will immediately call you back.

You just need to pay the prevailing cost of one plot of 150 square yards. You may buy as many plots as you desire.

We have divided the entire project space into plots nearing 150 square yards. There can be some variations in some plots in corner or dead-ends.

Obviously not! The charges levied are per square feet. And you will pay only for the square feet of plot you will decide and own.

Simple. We have fixed per Sq feet rate. 150 square yards = 1350 square feet. So price for every 150 square yards plot = 1350 * Rate per square feet.

Not at all. These are the prices currently prevailing in this area. Solarism comes with complete transparency of all the aspects of your investment and again is a WISIWIG (What I See Is What I Get). There are no hidden expenses, no cash/cheque transaction ratios and “ek pe ek free” kind of gimmicks! So you get a value for money invested and it is real, rational & fair.

Site is situated at Village Sudi, Taluka Amod, District Bharuch on Bharuch-Jambusar Road, on various different survey nos. You can also have an idea of the site by earmarking 21.894 N and 72.903 E on Google Earth to have a sky view.

A real good question. Here are some good reasons,

  •          Project is located at Bharuch -Jambusar State Highway No. 64.
  •          Project is also on the National Highway 228 (Dandi Heritage Road) from other side.
  •          Project site is within 15 Kms radius of Dahej Port &Vagra industrial zone.
  •          India\'s most successful SEZ (as per Time magazine report) is at a stone-throw distance.
  •          Around 60 units of mega size and thousands of SSI will need huge residential space tomorrow.
  •          At present site is between Bharuch and Amod - two landmarks. After a decade, it may happen that city limits are already extended and your plot is amidst a big town.
  •          This investment made today will grow in multiples during the project life being near to big district place like Bharuch and highly grown Dahej Special Economic Zone, an all-weather port, one of the largest LNG terminal, one of few ports to have all solids, liquids and gaseous cargo handling facilities, an industrial hub!
  •          Sense is that a rupee invested today must get multiplied tomorrow, fast!

Firstly, land shall have solar irradiation feasible for development of project. And Secondly, it shall not be so remotely located (like Charanka on Indian border, for example), where even tomorrow, there will be limited infrastructure or overall development. We want to provide you a sense of owing real estate at prime location!. Naturally, a very well located land today will multiply much faster than extremely cheap land today because of its development probability.

As per NASA, USA the site proposed by company is having solar irradiation of 5.23 watt/square meter. This is comparatively a very good and better site for development of solar project therefore.

Yes, if you compare NASA figures, this site is slightly better than Charanka Site as well! Generation figures of the project already developed in Bharuch is also encouraging to the best of our information. Naturally, so many big projects like Charanka cannot come up here because land prices are higher in Bharuch. And at Charanka, most the lands used in solar park were barren, saline and not very fertile. Also, very near to border, hence no other development.

Rent agreement is for 25 years, till 31st March 2039. You alone cannot vacate because entire solar project is interconnected and is not plot specific.

 You are absolute owner of property and enjoy all the rights & appurtenances available to Plot Owner. Some of the rights you enjoy, I can easily recollect are:

  •          Your plot is a distinct, tangible, demarcated Property in Solarism Site as described in the schedules of the Sale Deed registered with Registrar of Properties.
  •          Being owner, you are exercising your right to give these lands on lease to Solarism.
  •          Your lease rental will be paid on monthly basis by solarism
  •          If for any reason, there is default in payment of monthly rental for continuous xx months, you have right to exercise to cancel the lease deed and take possession of your plot 

Yes, you may feel cost of registered documents little expensive today, but these are real proof of your ownership and are most reliable. Again, Solarism is not a joint investment scheme and neither a fund based program where so many people invest together and can be called members. Here, you are the legitimate owner of property, supported by registered deeds and hence stamp duty or other charges cannot be avoided.

Expected life of any solar panel is more than 25 years but certifications are obtained and quantified for 25 years. Hence rest all activities too are planned and implemented considering life as 25 years. The main component—solar panel is obtained with 25 years guaranteed life. So, for sure, project will run and produce power successfully for 25 years.

Yes, as you have rightly understood, we cannot develop a solar project individually for each 150 square yard plot. But when we calculate solar power generation from a plot of 150 square yard with solar irradiation figures as mentioned above, approximate average power generation revenue will range around Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 per month.

This is gross revenue generated from such plot size. But a solar project is not just bunch of plots but so much more like a 66KV substation, imported invertors, electrical cables connecting panels to inverters and then to transformers and to different electrical gadgets at substation. To continue and maintain generation efficiency, it also needs to be maintained for its life time. Hence these costs cover all incidental expenses other than fixed expenses like lease rental!

The power so produced will be handed over to State Grid of GETCO (Gujarat State\'s transmission utility company) through a dedicated 66KV line upto GETCO 66KV Substation at Amod, Bharuch.

Not necessary. It can be sold to Government Power Distribution Company like PGVCL, MGVCL, DGVCL, GUVNL, etc or any private company like Torrent Power or for that matter any industrial unit or also any third party. But power is transferred through State Grid. There are predefined costs for all and each of such events. Power is a scarce product and key to development of any State or Country. Hence, power in all forms is a welcome!

PLF is Plant Load Factor. It is nothing but Capacity Utilization Factor ­Actual power generation vis-à-vis installed capacity. Solar project like ours usually have a PLF around 17% to 21%. Average PLF expected from our site is working out to be 17.34%. This is higher primarily because of the location advantage of solar irradiation availability.

You are still welcome and cordially invited! We have different schemes suitable to different kind of people.

Here is the glimpse of the same:

The initial price was an introductory offer to the early customers. Prices of properties have never been same in the history! It increases with time & development like all other incidental costs.

The lease rental has been defined based on the proposed solar irradiation and revenues proceeds expected from power generation. This has nothing to do with plot prices. Hence, rent has not been increased with increase on plot prices.

We have a benchmarking for number of plots minimum required to be sold for project to take off. And this number is already achieved long back!. Now, project has already taken off! Shortly, solar power at Solarism will be evacuated!

Never mind, we are there to answer each and every question you have. In worst case scenario, if solar project do not come up for any reasons whatsoever, the plots will be purchased back by company from each owner and the money collected will be returned back without any lien whatsoever and we depart with a smile and happy face.

No specific prior permission is necessary to be obtained. But Company has already initiated the process of undertaking the transmission lines and power evacuation activities for project development.

KP Group has been one of the eminent contributors to the mega scale solar project drive which took place last year in Gujarat. KP has been directly involved in one or more phases in almost about 100MW of solar projects last year. Group have capabilities to undertake much bigger projects in view of its size, experience and facilities including fabrication units, galvanizing plants, civil & mechanical teams and in-house project management staff.

The most vital, difficult and time taking aspect of the project was ~ 13km long transmission lines between Site and the GETCO Substation which is already completed successfully now. Balance project activities are also on fast track and expected to complete shortly. By xx, project will be energized and commercially commissioned! And by March 2016, we can expect major portion of Solarism to be completed.

Plots are offered on first come first serve basis. If you are keen and serious, please book right away! Or keep tracking and watching others joining this rhythm called Solarism and you are left out.

Thank you for appreciation. We can satisfy your EXTRA BUTTER expectation too!

We have benchmarked \"Group Booking\" where we will allocate all the nearby plots (so that in future, you all can develop a project together or may be a bungalow for each of plot owner). Minimum group booking shall be for 2250 square yards. In such cases, we will offer a rebate of 1% on plot prices.

You have twin benefit. One that you & your friends own plots adjoining to each other. Two, you have a special price as well!

We have planned this project to keep your interest and attachment very entertaining and rewarding! Not only you get regular income but enjoy your week-ends at your solar park with friends & follies! Or show solar park to your kids with interest. Or tell your grown up kids about your investment in a different style! Take them to solar park with a luring to spend time in gala manner. We have following amenities and entertainment for all at solar park once completed:

  •          Golf car for project supervision
  •          Horse riding
  •          Jogging track
  •          Home theater
  •          Restaurant
  •          Lake with boating
  •          Club house with stay facilities & Indoor games
  •          Children play area
  •          Net cricket ground

Just not to worry! We offer you one night and one day\'s stay for one couple (one room) totally free! But you might have to plan your visit in advance so that you get confirmed reservation at club house.

These amenities will require power! This will come from our own solar park! So you will have to wait for 18 months to see all of these to become operational.

Yes you can visit site at your convenience. The site project office is already operational. We shall also be pleased to take you to site in our specially arranged vehicles from Surat. Do contact us and we shall arrange.

Your plot is already designated as \"Non-Agriculture\" for industrial purpose (solar power generation) today. We have planned the entire project keeping and providing internal road connectivity to each and every plot. So once handed over back to you, you may choose at your will to develop. You are the Owner!

And about your dream to develop a residence, Imust add that today, owning a plot in a town or city is a great achievement for anybody of us. Just imagine, how difficult it would be after 31st March, 2039! And that too a king size of 150 square yards! You are the boss!