About Solarism

THE CREATOR has created this Universe only for the benefit of its best creation The Human, and He created the human for His subservience, obedience and worship. Thus, if the entire Universe is created to serve the humans, it's logical that every creation has one or the other kind of service to offer to the mankind.

Since last one century, the human quest has shifted from 'Why' to 'How' resulting into amazing scientific and technological discoveries and inventions fruits of which are being experienced and enjoyed by all of us in our daily lives.

One of these advancements is harnessing of Sunrays for generation of electricity using Solar Panels employing modern technology.

KP Group is engaged in Infrastructure Development since 1994 and since last 2.5 years it has diversified in the field of Solar Power as well. After having proven its experse in developing Asia's largest Solar Park at Charanka, Mehsana in Gujarat for more than 100 MW, it has started its own Solar Project of 50 MW capacity under SOLARISM brand at Sudi Village of Amod Taluka on Bharuch-Jambusar Road in Bharuch district of Gujarat.