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About Solarism

We are a solar power generating Company focused on providing solar power, both as an Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) under the brand name of ‘Solarism’ and as service provider to Captive Power Producer (“CPP”) customers. We build, own, operate and maintain grid connected solar power projects as IPP and generate revenue by entering into Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”) with third parties for selling power units generated through our solar projects. We develop, transfer, operate and maintain grid connected solar power projects for CPP customers and generate revenue by selling these projects to CPP customers for their captive use requirements. Both these businesses, IPP and CPP, are currently carried out at our plant located at Sudi & Tanchha village, Amod, Bharuch, Gujarat (Solarism Plant). Our Company has also established a ~13.25 km long 66 KV transmission line from our Solarism Plant to the Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited (“GETCO”) substation located at Amod, Bharuch, Gujarat (Amod Substation), for evacuation of the solar power generated at our Solarism Plant.

 Our first foray into solar power was as an EPC contractor for prestigious Charanka solar Park, where we were instrumental in setting up 100 Mw through our group company K P buildcon Pvt Ltd. This assignment gave us immense experience in setting big capacity solar power plant.

Our Company was incorporated as “K. P. I. Global Infrastructure Limited” on February 01, 2008 under the Companies Act, 1956 in the state of Maharashtra. In the initial years of our business operations, we were engaged in the sale of land parcels to third parties, which were leased back for the foraying into solar power generation. In 2013, we received a feasibility study from GETCO for evacuation of the solar power, proposed to be generated at our Solarism Plant, to Amod Substation. In 2014, we initiated construction of a ~13.25 km long 66 KV transmission line for power evacuation from our Solarism Plant to Amod Substation. In 2016, we commissioned our first solar power plant for 5 MW on the leased land at Solarism Plant and in 2017, we installed another solar power plant for 10 MW on our owned land at Solarism Plant (both projects referred to as Unit I). Till September 30, 2018, we completed CPP sales of 1.90 MW of solar power plant  for our CPP clients.

We propose to increase our solar power generation capacity by setting up another solar power project for 25 MW at Sudi, Samiyala & Tanchha village, Amod, Bharuch, Gujarat (Referred to as Unit II). The estimated cost of this project would be ` 13,203.76 Lakh and the proposed date of commercial commencement is July 2019. We have entered into either PPAs or Letter of Intent (LOI) with customers for the proposed sale of power of 25 MW. Post the commercial commencement, our total solar power generation capacity would increase to 40 MW.